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It is important to compare life insurance quotes from lots of different companies, as some insurance companies are much more expensive than others, for exactly the same life insurance policy.

We compare life insurance quotes and their policies to ensure you get the best life insurance that is currently available on the life insurance market today.

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Aviva Life Insurance

Aviva Level Life Insurance - Aviva Level Life Insurance Plan provides you with an amount of life insurance cover that stays the same throughout the plan. If you die within the plan term, your loved ones will receive a guaranteed cash lump sum. Aviva offer any amount of life cover up to 500,000, depending on factors such as your age when you take out the plan. You can choose how long you want the cover to last. Many people choose to have their cover for a period that coincides with when they expect their mortgage to be paid off or when they expect their children to become financially independent.

Aviva Decreasing Life Insurance - Aviva Decreasing Life Insurance Plan provides cover for the outstanding balance of a repayment mortgage or other loan. Because the amount of the mortgage or loan reduces over time as you make your monthly repayments, the amount your life insurance plan pays out will similarly reduce. Premiums are set at the start of the plan to take this into account, so they're often cheaper than other types of life insurance that pay out the same amount for the duration of the plan.

With Aviva you get Terminal Illness Benefit included in the cover. This means Aviva pay you the sum insured if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and are not expected to live more than 12 months (assuming your plan has at least 18 months to run).

Aviva Guaranteed Whole of Life Insurance Plan - A life insurance plan that provides cover for the duration of your life, rather than for a fixed term. This means that, whenever you die, your family will receive a cash sum no matter what happens.

Aviva Guaranteed Lifelong Insurance Protection Plan - Aviva Guaranteed Lifelong Insurance Protection Plan is a life insurance plan for the over 50s that pays out a cash sum to your estate when you die. You pay regular monthly premiums (or annually if you wish) and in return you get lifelong cover, rather than for a fixed term. This means that whenever you die, your loved ones receive a cash sum no matter what happens. Unlike similar plans, Aviva's Guaranteed Lifelong Protection Plan will pay out the full sum insured after you've been making your payments for just 12 months. And, if you were to die as a result of an accident after the first 12 months, Aviva pay double the amount of the sum insured.

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*Figures are indications of savings only and based on a 100,000 life insurance policy for a female aged 30, non smoker and without a pre-existing medical condition. The rate is based on a 25 year level term policy, sourced on a guranteed basis. Correct as at September 2017.