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It is important to compare life insurance quotes from lots of different companies, as some insurance companies are much more expensive than others, for exactly the same life insurance policy.

We compare life insurance quotes and their policies to ensure you get the best life insurance that is currently available on the life insurance market today.

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Greenbee Life Insurance

The Greenbee Company is the direct services arm of the John Lewis Partnership, a £6 Billion UK retail company engaged in the retail and consumer products business. It is the 3rd largest private enterprise in the UK and has the financial muscle to provide insurance services for life, and non-life assets like your home, car as well as events like weddings and travel and even your pets. As an affiliate of the John Lewis Partnership, Greenbee shares in its business philosophy of providing excellent value to its customers for its products and services.

Greenbee Life Insurance Options

Life cover or more universally known as life insurance provides your beneficiary with cash in the event of death of the insured or a terminal illness diagnosis during the term of the cover. If you have a family or people who depend on you for financial support, it always makes sense to have a life cover that they can use to pay off the outstanding balance on your mortgage or help them with daily expenses. Greenbee provides three life insurance options.

Greenbee Decreasing Life Insurance: Your beneficiary gets a cash sum that decreases over time in line with your mortgage repayment that remains outstanding at any time,this covers your family’s mortgage payments in the event of your demise.

Greenbee Level Life Insurance: your beneficiary gets a cash sum that remains constant over the insurance term period.

Greenbee Joint Life Insurance: provides coverage for you and a partner of your choice under one plan (your partner is one with whom some form of financial commitment is jointly shared). This is ideal for spouses or with a business partner. The insurance lump sum cash is made out to you or your beneficiary at the first death instance of either party in a joint policy. The insurance coverage ends thereafter.

Under any of the insurance options, you are assured of fixed monthly premiums. It is, however, advised that your review you policy coverage to enable to make decisions on how best to maintain its value with annual inflation.

Greenbee Provisions: Providing competitive insurance premiums for as low a £5 per month, Greenbee understands consumer needs and makes life cover application and processing fast and easy. As a fixed term insurance, your premiums will remain unchanged for the duration of the policy.

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*Figures are indications of savings only and based on a £100,000 life insurance policy for a female aged 30, non smoker and without a pre-existing medical condition. The rate is based on a 25 year level term policy, sourced on a guaranteed basis. Correct as at September 2017.