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Post Office Life Insurance

Over the past years, UK residents have experienced the versatility of the Post Office as it ventured to other industries aside from mail and delivery. Aside from postal, their services range from banking services all the way to telephony. And now the Post Office Ltd, which is a subsidiary of the Royal Mail Group, hopes to establish itself as a formidable insurance company.

Post Office insurance services are as diversified as their many businesses as they offer vehicle, home, travel, and even pet insurance. And of course, much like any established insurance company in the industry, the Post Office Ltd also has a wide array of life insurance products that serve a variety of needs. The insurance services of the Post Office are provided by the company Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited.

The Two Types of Life Cover Policies

The Post Office basically offers two types of life cover policies. The first one is categorized as level term life coverage. In this type of cover the benefit remains fixed throughout the entirety of the policy’s term. One of the features of level term is that it is very flexible. This means that policy holders might be able to pay off their other debts or even maintain the lifestyle of the family that they’ve gotten used to. Otherwise, beneficiaries can choose to use it to pay off their home’s mortgage. This is especially useful for those who wish to settle the full amount borrowed from a mortgage that is of the interest only type.

On the other hand, the Post Office also offers what they call decreasing term life cover. As the name implies, the benefit in this type of coverage decreases over the policy’s term. The advantage of decreasing term cover is that policy holders have the option of lowering their monthly premiums. This can be done by choosing to cover only the mortgage’s outstanding value. That way, policy holders will be sure to protect their property.

The Post Office claims to have policies that are not only fair, but also very easy. Both policies mentioned above provide a lump sum payment to the beneficiaries in the event of the policy holder’s death or if he/she is diagnosed of a terminal illness at least 18 months before the end of the policy’s term.

Post Office Over 50s Life Cover

The Post Office also happens to have specialized policies for those who are over 50 years old – Over 50s Life Cover. For as low as £7 a month, individuals can guarantee the future of their loved ones should the policy holder pass away. For this particular policy, approval is guaranteed and potential policy holders will not be required to take any medical exam. One thing that’s different with the Post Office’s over 50s policy is that unlike other insurance companies, the Post Office will already provide the beneficiaries with the full lump sum payment should the poplicy holder die even after only 12 months of enrollment. Moreover, beneficiaries can expect to receive double the full lump sum if the policy holder’s death is caused by an accident of some sort (subject of course to the policy’s terms and conditions).

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*Figures are indications of savings only and based on a £100,000 life insurance policy for a female aged 30, non smoker and without a pre-existing medical condition. The rate is based on a 25 year level term policy, sourced on a guaranteed basis. Correct as at September 2017.