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About Royal Liver

Responding to the hardship faced by many Liverpudlians in the mid 19th century, nine local men decided they could make a difference to people’s lives by forming the Liverpool Lyver Burial Society, which would fund funerals and save families from financial ruin when a wage-earning relative passed away.

The society was registered in 1850 and it grew so fast that by 1907 it was called the Royal Liver Friendly Society – the Royal Liver Assurance that exists today – and work had started on the new Royal Liver Building head office at Liverpool’s Pier Head.

During the 20th century, Royal Liver Assurance expanded to cover the whole of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland. They continued their mission to protect the poor and provide financial services to people during times of major change.

As a friendly society or a ‘mutual’, Royal Liver Assurance is not owned by shareholders but by their members – everyone that takes out a policy.

Royal Liver look after around 3.5 million policies for almost two million members. Royal Liver also have more than £3.7 billion pounds in funds and provide a range of financial services to people in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

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*Figures are indications of savings only and based on a £100,000 life insurance policy for a female aged 30, non smoker and without a pre-existing medical condition. The rate is based on a 25 year level term policy, sourced on a guaranteed basis. Correct as at September 2017.