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It is important to compare life insurance quotes from lots of different companies, as some insurance companies are much more expensive than others, for exactly the same life insurance policy.

We compare life insurance quotes and their policies to ensure you get the best life insurance that is currently available on the life insurance market today.

We'll find the right life insurance cover for you at the right price in 3 easy steps:

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We compare the leading insurers including:

Virgin Life Insurance

Your monthly payments are guaranteed

Some life insurance companies regularly review and alter your premiums. With this policy, once your cover has started, your payments are guaranteed not to increase unless you change your cover.

You’ve got the flexibility to change your cover

Your life insurance will be flexible enough to meet your changing needs, allowing you to increase or reduce the amount and length of your cover.

Mortgage increase and extension option

If you increase your mortgage to pay for home improvements or move house, you can take out extra cover without giving any extra information about your health, job or lifestyle (subject to certain limits and only available if you're under age 50 and in good health - option can be exercised up to age 55).

Terminal illness benefit

If you're diagnosed with a terminal illness and you have 12 months or less to live, you can receive your cash sum early. The illness must be diagnosed at least 18 months before the end of your cover.

Free cover

Free accidental death cover - you'll receive up to 60 days' free accidental death cover when we receive your application if you're applying online. Free life cover - if you're buying a house, you will get up to 3 months' free life insurance for up to £200,000 to cover you between exchange of contracts (or if you're buying in Scotland, the date the missives are concluded) and mortgage completion. The claims process is designed to be as straightforward as possible and includes a named claims handler who can provide guidance on how to make a claim and dedicated support throughout.

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*Figures are indications of savings only and based on a £100,000 life insurance policy for a female aged 30, non smoker and without a pre-existing medical condition. The rate is based on a 25 year level term policy, sourced on a guaranteed basis. Correct as at September 2017.